Nottingham Tram Ride 1902

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Parts of that tramcar film from the BFI , were first shown on TV a year or so ago in a programme called The Lost World Of Mitchell and Kenyon .

You can see the programme on youtube that features workers in mainly Northern towns

Other parts of the series can be found in the right hand menu of the video .

A couple more from the ,BFI site with Nottingham content same era , though not as good as the tram ride . Workers leaving Stoney Street at lunchtime . If you want to get ahead .....get a straw boater !

Funny to think ,some of these could be your relatives !

Similar scene , workers leaving Thos.Adams lace factory .

Scene at Trent Bridge

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It seems that cyclists were idiots then (as now) even though it seemed to be quicker by bike. Was there any traffic discipline in those days?

Loved it.

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Oh dear . This is the third episode of Lost World Of Mitchell and Kenyon that shows parts of that 1902 tram ride in Nott'm mixed in with the presenter riding on a new one . Is this viewable overseas ?

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Thanks for posting this clip.

It's one of the most amazing films of old Nottingham I've ever seen.

My maternal grandfather was a conductor on the trams but he was only 7 in 1902

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Great stuff catfan,...........Nottingham so recognisable all those years ago............i remember the Tram lines still being there in the 50s in Basford,and i'm sure on Piccadilly going into Bulwell depot....?

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Most will have seen this before but someone has very kindly colourised it and added sound. makes interesting viewing:-  


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The same chap has also posted the same coloured 1902 journey alongside a comparable modern day journey.

Looks like that's filmed whilst on an electric scooter. 

Because of the Broadmarsh demolition the route goes a bit askew through the new corridor but some old buildings can still be seen.



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