The New Foresters / Forresters Arms

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1 hour ago, DAVIDW said:

So there were two pubs with "Foresters" in the title near to each other and both were LGBT pubs ?


I hadn't noticed that either. Going back in time on Streetview, the pub with that name on St Mark's Street has only been there since post-2008, had a life of around 12 years, and was apparently just a regular pub with no particular clientele. 


Was its name some kind of recognition of its near neighbour, or did someone just not realise ? Looks like a recipe for confusion.

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@Dark Angel


This is the area before the station. Glasshouse Street went straight through and joined York Street; various stretches of what became Huntingdon Street had different names (Windsor Street, St Michael's Street, etc). 


St Ann's Street - where we started - is the red line.

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On 10/21/2022 at 9:07 AM, Cliff Ton said:


I remember that footbridge through the station, and I remember the bomb-site car park.

In the very top left of the photo you can see an empty space; that's a corner of where the bus station would later be. 

- Curious by 'bomb site car park'? What do you mean? (apologies for all the questions - I'm fascinated by this!) @Cliff Ton

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  @Cliff Ton: thank you, that was quick. At least I’m not ready for any medication yet!

   Your map puts the photographer standing where the Eastern island platform would be built (7/12) between the footbridge and the pedestrian walkway. Likely to have been the junction of St Anne’s street/Glasshouse Street. 

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     @Cliff Ton: this is a wonderful photograph capturing so much activity. 
       6 steam locos and a steam rail car. 3 locos from each railway company.


       Some pointless information: it appears the photographer would likely to have been standing on the ballast on the up slow line on your photo showing Marsdens shop.


       In 1898 The Foresters Arms were recorded as being a beer house. Quite a lucrative undertaking at that time with all those navvies looking to quench their thirst.


    Any chance you could put this photo in one of the Victoria threads?

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