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Would you say you have a good memory. Thinking back I remember such a lot from my early childhood. Some of it mistaken no doubt but having a happy childhood probably more than most.

One thing That amazes me though is that my phone number in the early fifties was 76923 and my dads car in 1951 NTV 351 costing £1000/8/1d So why the hell can I never remember either that I use today.?? ...

And why every day do I walk into a room and can't think for the life of me what for. 

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I remember our Co-Op divi number - 117864 - and I also remember the registration of a Bond Minicar which my dad had in the early 60s - XTV 807.


If I concentrate really hard I can remember the registrations of all the cars I've owned since my first in 1975.


I have school photos from my Infants and Junior years, and I can still name almost all the other kids there.


And I've forgotten what else I was going to say.

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Seems quite common and dare I say normal for people in a certain age group. The more I think back to childhood days the more I seem to remember. Can't remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago.

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I have a very strange memory but I do have synaesthesia and colours play a huge part in the things I remember. When I look at black and white photos from primary school, I see the colours of the clothes my classmates were wearing, even though when I tell them, they don't remember the clothes they once wore. I remember where everyone sat in the classroom and where the teacher's desk was. I remember entire conversations, word for word, from decades ago and where I was at the time.


Yes I know. It's WEIRD! Yet, if I go shopping and forget my list, I can't remember what I need to buy!

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Jill I too remember things like that from infant school but can’t remember from one minute to the next.

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