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Many thanks Kath and C.T., for a most fascinating video. In the open scenes, driving around Aspley perimeters all took me straight back to 1965 when I used to drive my buses on those very same routes. The first, going up Aspley Lane toward Strelley Island was just as though it were only a short while ago. A brilliant mind jogger and reminder of the way things were. Once again, a big thank you, from an old dreamer !

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Thanks CT - certainly brought back memories. My parents moved into one of those new house in 1937 and I was there as a new born baby a year later. When dad was called up for the army, mum had to give up the new house and move back to Hyson Green. A house on Speechley St (now demolished) so that an aunty could look after me while Mum went to work. I suspect that many families that moved to Aspley got cut off from other family members. Especially when the men were called up - child care was very much a family thing in those days and the women had to work.

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You are right PP. My dad was abroad, so my mother got a job in Burton's under the arcade, and little Chulla lived Monday to Friday with our grandparents in Old Basford. 

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