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It’s perfectly legal to listen on the aircraft channel. An air band scanner starts at around £100. Look on Amazon. You need a license to transmit but you’ve got to be in an aircraft or in ATC to do th

GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was on from 81 through to 88, and i was one of the TURKEYS that iron cross and friends tried to get. but i was young and stupid then. now i'm just old and dumb! i was always mobil

Right to get this thread back going again.. there is another recording of old 'boxer' on there was two more of tony rifleman, but recorded quality was low, so being re-done. i

Oh yes Phil that was me! It actually wasn’t and I hadn’t heard of that story. It did make me laugh though. Pretty boring in ATC overnight, you definitely needed something to keep you awake when you have a small number of night flights. 

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21 hours ago, Beekay said:

Rog., I used to like listening to a mates scanner, when pilots were passing overhead on their way to East Midlands airport. Not been so lucky since moving down here. How much could I expect to pay for a reasonable scanner, so as I can earwig aircraft passing over us towards Gatwick or Heathrow.? B. 

Or is it illegal?

Might be of interest









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