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On 9/7/2008 at 11:54 AM, alan said:

born at 7 palm street my granda cropley's house we lived at 11 palm street.We moved to fisher street then onto hyson green in 1957. Anyone remember Mary Bee ? Micky Gascoigne, Shirley Meakin,Patty and John Webster. Now live in the north east,

My brother in law lived on fisher st. They were the wheeldons . Derek, Sid, John, Trevor, Bernie and 1 girl Wendy

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Hi Alpha and Jill Sparrow   Apologies for delay in replying.   Other memories are of walking past the garage at the top of Maud Street on the way to school and the delightful smell of some k

I remember right at the top of Egypt Road was Blanchards the bakers, we called it the bakehouse, you could but your bread straight from there, they also sold bags of broken biscuits. Further up the ro

Welcome to Nottstalgia merlin7. You may have already found this, but if not it might bring back a few memories.

There was one or possibly two Wheeldon's at High Pavement. They lived at that time (early 1960s) in the houses on the corner of Bestwood Road and Moorbridge.


Don't know if this is helpful at all.,-1.1865692,84m/data=!3m1!1e3



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When i relief managed Marsdens Northgate circa 1962,,tried to date a Wheeldon or could have been Wheldon,,anyway she kept turning me down,,Diane was her name....

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Hi Alpha and Jill Sparrow


Apologies for delay in replying.   Other memories are of walking past the garage at the top of Maud Street on the way to school and the delightful smell of some kind of solution that wafted out from there.   As you got to the top of Maud Street and turned left, there was a little shop that was divided into 2 parts, first half of shop being sweets, papers etc and the second half a grocery type store, I remembered being allowed to weigh out the potatoes!


I had two lovely friends who lived just across the road from Hope Cottages on Maud Street, Jane and Penny Worthington.  Their mum had a huge machine in her front room something to do with lace making if I remember correctly.   I cannot remember the name of the infant school I attended, but if I remember correctly the church I sang at and attended Brownies was St Bartholomews.  


I don't recall a family by the name of Alcock I'm afraid.  I had a a friend called Lesley, at number 14 Maud Street, further down the hill of Maud Street Mandy and Jane, at the top of the street and to the right (first house on the corner ) a lovely girl called Barbara.


There was hardly any cars so the children of the street played out a good portion of the day up and down the street on go karts, bikes, pedal cars and roller skates.  Swimming at Noel Street baths.


A lovely elderly couple, Mr & Mrs Wakefield, lived in the row of Hope Cottages same time as us.  Mrs Wakefield taught me how to iron and helped me when I was in any difficulties.


The area at the time was always clean, no litter or empty smashed up buildings.  The "factory" our house was separated from by brick wall in the summer when we had our paddling pool out men would look out the windows and "cat call".



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Was this particular Rita a meter maid ?

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Thank you Sonia,

The Alcock family lived on the cul de sac end of Rosetta Road. There were two girls, Janet and Carol.

I checked on GE and the houses still exist as I remember them.

At the back of the terrace houses there was a 'pram' factory, the remains of which now appear as a dreary looking residential car park.

Sadly, the whole area looks run-down; as once most older suburburbian housing looked in the 50's and 60's, clean and well kept. 

The whole character of that area has been lost with once nice quiet streets demolished and replaced with dreary business premises.



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