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Each year I try and do a Chritmas Quiz  it has always had a good reponce untill last year and only a few members join in.

This Year I would like to do a Quiz all about our city of Nottingham. 

I am going to call it          "A CHRISTMAS QUIZ WITH A TWIST "  Try saying that when you have had a few.


1/  No Moblle phones to be used.

2/ Open to all Mambers

3/ you can reply by typing in  the answers on the page, 

4/ Use your head and put your thinking cap on.

5/ Prize will be given at Meet-up 

6/ If you can not get to meet up your prize will go on back-burner to be collected or will be given to you when we get the chance.

7/ Closeing date    14th December 12 00 noon 

Here Goes Enjoy,


!/ Nottingham has one of the oldest pubs, what is the full name of the pub, what date has it got painted  on the wall outside.?

2/Where was Jessa Boots  first chemist/herbalist shop?

3/ What did Jessa Boot give to the people of Nottingham?

4/ We have all heard/seen "Hopewells" furniture shop but were was there first shop?

1 point for the area  it was in. 1 exter point for name of the place where it was.

5/ D H Lawrence was born in Eastwood. What Names do the initial stand for?

6/ Eric Coates composed the music Sleepy Lagoon and the Dambustes March but where in Nottinghamshire was he born

7/A former Nottingham journalist worked in London and was founder of The Children's Encylopaedia who was it.?

 8/ Where in Nottingham was Theatre Square?

9/  Where was the "Hipperdrome" 

10/ When the Hipperdrome closed what did it reopen as? and what was it called?

11/  Carrying on from Q10 what was is after Q10 Name and place?

12/ How many dance halls did Nottingham once have? 

13/ Can you name them?

14/ This Pub is now the "Slug an Lettece" what was the name before it was the S n L and what was its name to begin with?

15/Where was William Booth founder of the Salvation Army born?

16/ After 18 years "Old Big Head" said he would be retiring as Forest Manager  at the end of the season what year was it ? 1992 1993 1995?

17/ The Football World Cup was stolen and a dog named ???? found it under an hedge what was the dogs name?

18/ Which British car won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 1965 and 1967?

19/ What was Walt Disneys first fairytale flim?

20/What Christmas plant grows as a parasite on an apple tree?

                                                             GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE.   

A very Merry Christmas to all.


Easy peasy    If there is a tie I will ask Cliff Ton to set a question schhhh???? he does'ent know yet.
16/ Whoes Petrol were you useing when you were going WELL ,WELL ,WELL 4/6 gallon?

17/ Which washing powder washed not only clean, not only White but BRIGHT ???? adds Bright Brightness?



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Don't  mind anyone taking the pi!!!!!!!!!!


Ok Ok won't do one next year

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