Octopus, netball, smart meters and of course spiders

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I am with octopus for my energy. Hadn’t heard of them until I moved into this house but can highly recommend them. I have just finished my first session of cutting down on consumption for an hour, even though I have cut back a lot (stopped using my electric oven, use microwave & gas hob, have heating only when really necessary etc.) and have saved the princely sum of 84p at the moment, every little helps. I had also applied for one of their free electric blankets again this year, did last year but didn’t get one. Had an email to say I wasn’t successful in getting one, a few days later I got another email to sat they had reviewed my account and I will be getting one now. :jumping:
(This is where netball comes in.) I live near a school which has its sport facilities across the road from my house. I was sitting on my settee, with both myself and Jj snuggling under a blanket doing my non-heating thing, when I looked out the window to see the net ballers arriving for their games. It was damp, cold and a little drizzly. Watched them all doing their warm ups before the game and then to my horror quite a few of them stripped off to just vest tops and little shorts. It made me cringe, I know they would be running around but really in November, bet their legs were chapped after! 
My smart meter nearly gave me a heart attack yesterday. I try not to look at it every time I go in the kitchen which can be quite hard. I glanced at it yesterday and it was showing £18.28 on the display about lunch time. Made me go into a panic having heard all the horror stories of people getting enormous bills when the meters go haywire. When I looked closer it was telling me I was near my budget for the week, having the central heating on occasionally taking it over obviously. Finally managed to get on to set the gas budget, could only find the electric one before. So am still about on target for what I want to pay.

Lastly but not least my favourite topic, spiders. For the past few weeks I have been having an ongoing battle with one in my bedroom. One of the ones that is all legs and hardly any body. I have been sneaking up on it trying to catch it, but the flipping thing can move and disappears under the bed or wardrobes. It hasn’t been easy sleeping in there knowing it is skulking around. I have woken up once and was eyeball to eyeball with it sitting on my pillow, never got out of bed so fast! This afternoon I finally managed to catch it, it was in the middle of my bed relaxing and I managed to sneak up on it. Took it into my side room to let it go. At the moment I also have another one in residence, not an enormous one but it is jet black and to be honest looks quite onminous (spelling?) don’t  think I want to mess with this one.  So I let my spindly one go well away from it telling it to keep away from the other resident. I might add the spindly one had grown a bit since being in my bedroom unless horror upon horror there were two. Doesn’t bear thinking about so won’t go there. 
So that is finally all, I don’t post so much at the moment, probably shows how boring my life is at the moment, but do enjoy reading all your posts. Keep well everyone.

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@Stavertongirl I could lend you Bruno, my ginger cat. He's generally known as Mr Boo. He loves spiders and frequently stays up all night looking for them. Last month I found several whoppers sadly mangled in the hall as I came downstairs in the morning. Thankfully, he doesn't eat them.

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You are both lucky that it’s only spiders that visit you. We have them too but mostly they are invisible leaving only a trace of their existence, cobwebs !

Now that it’s getting cold we have the occasional cockroach. All entrances fro the front are sprayed so when we see them all they need are funerals.

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