Sargasso Coffee bar

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Wondering if anyone had any memories of the Sargasso Coffee bar? 


I was wondering if someone knows where it was as I believe it may be part of Nottingham Trent University today. Would love if anyone had any old photos of memories of it. I heard it was often full of theatre folk as it was close to theatre royal



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I think it was part of the El Toreador on Burton St. facing what was then the Tech. College. The Guildhall Tavern Pub was in the same block. Had many a pint and a cheese and onion roll in there at lunchtime. We used to go into the El Toreador/Sargasso on the way home from school in the 6th. form. It was the height of sophistication in 1960!

There was a cafe directly opposite the stage door of the Empire theatre and Nequest’s muscic shop, whose name escapes me, which was frequented by the ‘luvvies’. There was also a billiards hall close by.

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1 hour ago, philmayfield said:

I think it was part of the El Toreador on Burton St. facing what was then the Tech. College. The Guildhall pub....

The sargasso, Phil, was part of El Toreador as you remember and it was fashioned like a cave inside with fishing nets and glass floats adorning the walls and ceilings. The Guildhall Pub was opposite the Guildhall courts building, further down burton st, past Nequests and over Sherwood St. The cafe you mention facing Nequests was The Robin Hood milk bar. The walls inside were decorated with photos of past and current artistes frequenting the theatres.


I didn't frequent the Sargasso much (which was upstairs) our clique preferred the Toreador bit which was at ground level and the 49 which was on 3 floors. 

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This from the Guardian Journal June 30th 1956. (Can't find any mention of the Sargasso in the news archives.)


"An application for a music licence for a wireless and guitar for the El Toreador Coffee Bar at 43, Burton-street, Nottingham, which opens on Monday, was adjourned to the next Transfer Sessions by the justices at yesterday's Nottingham Transfer Sessions.

The owner, Marguerite Hamblin, told the court she applied for the licence from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day of the week-including Sunday.

The Assistant Chief Constable, Mr. F. D. Porter, commented on "certain features" of the building, and said a fire prevention officer had made a report.

Mrs. Hamblin said she would undertake to have the straw matting ceiling sprayed with a fireproof substance.

Mr. G. D. Yandell, clerk to the court, said the application for guitar playing was "rather romantic."

An application by a Nigerian, Joel Akanoye, to open a dancing club at 214, Mansfield-road, Nottingham, was refused."

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Always loved Coffee and strong....brilliant with a Smoke...but alas no more........

Flick a Peter Styvesant (sp) from packet to mouth...great when it


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Black coffee Ben...reminded me of the old days before PC etc. A rep that worked for me, Danny, a small wiry guy of Irish extract always gave the same answer when asked how he liked his coffee. "Loyke me wimmin" he'd reply. "Thick, black and strong". 

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