Bouncers and Boxers?

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Yes Lizzie good fight,,,,,,,im waiting to hear from my son who used to Spar with Fury...when they both lived next to each other in Caravans up in Yorkshire somewhere...........He's been working alongside them in Saudi.....

             He also frequents Rwanda..and could be back there soon.....politics

           I'll ask him if he knows Scott Farrell.......he probably does....


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Dave Spence (#29), there's quite a lot of threads regarding the Variety Club. If you use the 'Search' facility you'll be able to read them. Here's one for you that Dave48 put on, but make sure the kid

Granddaughter put this on for me,,,,Me and the Boys,,,Boxing show,,,Albany hotel,,,,twas a good night,,some great lads,,

Not Nottingham related but my husband used to go to those kind of boxing nights when we lived in Hertfordshire.   After one such event, in 1983, he announced he was going to Boston the next day to see

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