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3 hours ago, DJ360 said:

As you might guess, my view is rather different.

I could just change the country and some names and it would read exactly the same for Australia.

Thankfully we voted to get rid of the conservatives at our last election. It now seems that Labor, for the time being and especially for the mini budget due in two weeks, may not be going to scrap the tax cuts as it is concerned that they went to the election promising these cuts and it would be seen as reneging on an election promise as that might damage their re-election chances and give the opposition a supply of rocks to throw. When are governments going to learn that they are elected to do what is best for the country and not try just to save their sorry arses. It must be said that these tax cuts are not due to come into effect until 2024 so plenty of time for a wind change.

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I'm not here to defend Matt Hancock, but I'm once again amazed by the arrogance and poisonous rhetoric of Isabel Oakshott. The woman masquerades as a 'journalist' and couches her arguments in a sort o

Firstly Letsav, the gold sale may or may not have been unwise. Expert opinion seems divided, but eitherway it had little to no long term impact. Other than that Labour were doing pretty well unti

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What if any thing would you do in the currant sisuation?


What is going to happen to couples who have a motgage and maybe young children'

Food Banks it's 2022   Should we be having food banks ?? Every one should have a decent living wage, and it should not have to be made up by other monnies,, so that you can eat.

Is the world as we know it going backwatrds?

Will children in the future be born with pads on the ends of there fingers so than can text faster?

How many abandon electric cars will you see about?

After seeing how that young chinese man was beaten by his own people and our PC just stood there and watched, is this really the country of free speech? 

What has happened to all the youth clubs?

Have you brought your ticket for "Gladstoneberry " Yet?

and there's lot's more,

Please if you answer or post don't make it too Political. Don't get on your high horse.

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The high energy costs are a real worry. It will be like going back to my childhood when we lived in a house with just a coal fire in the front room for heating, no central heating. I can remember my dad putting coats over our beds as well as blankets to keep us warm.
I will be using my gas fire in the front room and just use the central heating sparingly. This year I should be able to just about manage but have no idea how I will cope next year if prices rise even more being on a pension. I am just above pension credit limit so that cuts off a lot of benefits.
I do get a bit extra invigilating at a school during the exams but don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this due to health conditions. Might have to consider downsizing next year possibly although I do like it where I am at the moment. 

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I well remember the power cuts in the 70s. I really enjoyed them! Sitting by candlelight, listening to radio 3 in the evenings. I was still at school and homework had to be done by candlelight.


I often have candles burning instead of the electric light. I prefer it. I was born in the wrong century. 


In the 80s, I lived in Brinsley. There were overhead power lines and sudden, unannounced outages were pretty frequent, so candles were a necessary standby. On one occasion, the power was off for three days in the depths of winter. It was fun. Candles and a real fire. There was no gas supply in that house, although I did eventually have it installed. 


These privations wouldn't have pulled the rug out from under our parents. We haven't yet been called upon to experience anything like the inconveniences they endured.




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We are a third world nation despite the 'positive’ statements, made by the politicians.

We have been in hock to the Americans for the WW2 dept for years. There was no strategic need to have entered WW1; only to fulfill some outdated defunct national agreement which could have been disputed. Our bankruptcy began with that futile war, from which this now beleaguered nation never fully recovered, but this nation like Germany wanted to go to that war and like all such nations, we had to pay the price.

Where are our Amazons, Netflix, Facebooks and all other entrepreneurial ventures we never achieved? 

A crumbling NHS, judicial system, rail and transport system, government system, welfare system, taxation and wages policy, immigration policy just to name a few.

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Boris is still a liar and an incompetent. He's also still under investigation ....

A non starter.

Braverman is an actual fascist.

Sunak has more idea, but he's not as benign as he seems.

I can't see anyone there who could unite the Tories, because the ERG/ Tufton St mob and their acolytes are in open warfare with those 'one nation' Tories who remain.

My take is that all Tory policy from Thatcher onwards stems from their realisation that their natural 'entitlement' to superiority through their 'jobs for the boys' use of Empire and UK industry, collapsed when the Empire did and UK industry faced serious foreign competition.

The choice at the time was to dump our remaining aristocracy and power elite  in favour of a far more social democratic and equitable Scandinavian type model, using our talent pool to swap 'superpower' status for a smaller more effective economy and manufacturing base, with fewer 'foreign entanglements'.


Instead, Thatcher opted for starting the biggest and longest closing down sale in history. Brexit was just a part of that process as the far right sought to dispose of protections preventing them from implementing the 'final day, everything must go' phase of the sell off.

So here we are. We own little of our own country. Infrastructure, utilities and even public services have been sold off and turned into cash cows for the wealthy, via both local and foreign ownership.

All that remains now is for our far right masters to set up systems to keep the plebs quiet. Braverman, Rees-Mogg and their anonymous puppet masters are are well on with that through the Public Order Bill, anti Union legislation etc. They are even fiddling the electoral system.

Don't say you weren't warned.


We have one last chance. The Tories must be comprehensively defeated in a general election ..and soon..not in two years time. The Tories have no mandate for the chaos they have inflicted on this country and they are not ruling at all  much less ruling in the country's interest. They are simply blocking the electorate's access to Democracy.

Labour is not perfect, but it is the only party with a hope in hell of seeing off the Toxic Tories for once and all.

General Election. Now!



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I'm a commentator and I follow very closely what is happening. Not just superficial news, but the darker machinations behind the scenes. More people should do so. The general level of political knowledge among this country's electorate is appallingly low.

That's why we got that lying clown Johnson. That's why the Brexit lie was sold, That's why people seem convinced that Labour crashed the World economy in 2008 and it is why people persist in seeing the economy as analogous to a household's economy. All of the above is also a function of our lying foreign owned right wing press.

Meanwhile people seem oblivious to the corruption, theft and anti democratic legislation being smuggled through. If they are forced to confront such things they frequently  declare 'They're all the same' They aren't all the same.

But, I won't be applying to be PM in a Tory Govt., because I'm not a Tory. And Labour wouldn't need me because there are many capable people already in place.

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Lizzie, I'd put Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy,  Angela Rayner,  and especially Rachel Reeves up against anyone the Tories can field.

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