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Don't really like ''Linekar'' seems a bit up his sen'' but i don't know what all the fuss is about..........Can't see how anything was aimed at the ''Jews'' probs with Germany.........We have floods..

Firstly Letsav, the gold sale may or may not have been unwise. Expert opinion seems divided, but eitherway it had little to no long term impact. Other than that Labour were doing pretty well unti

I'm not here to defend Matt Hancock, but I'm once again amazed by the arrogance and poisonous rhetoric of Isabel Oakshott. The woman masquerades as a 'journalist' and couches her arguments in a sort o

I can probably post it again in plain text. I just posted it 'as is' to show where it came from and that it was unedited.


I'm interested in the definition of a 'rant'. Is it determined by length or some other parameter?


Incidentally, I received a message from Jim  (Brew) in connection with this. No need for details, but it was good to hear from him. 

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 Letsav ... Just a couple of points.

Firstly, if I post or quote another source, it isn't necessarily aimed solely at your good self. I post stuff here which I agree with, for others to read and draw what conclusions they will.


Secondly, I think I've made it plain more than once that my politics are essentially  'Social Democratic'. It does not follow from that, that I automatically support everything Labour say and do. That said, even though I'm disappointed with Labour's performance since the disaster of Brexit, they would have to get worse to an unimaginable degree for the current Tories to become preferable.  You posted words to the effect that Labour would be no better than the current Tories and implied that history supports that view. I think we could have a very considerable debate around that, encompassing comparative records on Public Borrowing, Inflation, public services, health, education and  other areas  on which the conservatives consistently  and falsely claim a better record. But whatever..


From my perspective, there are a couple of further points outstanding from our discussions.

First, I don't favour unlimited immigration and nor does the Labour Party. The combined opposition  point being made is that the current Tory Party is less interested in 'fixing' immigration, than in making political capital out of its diversionary tactic of hyping up the issue and promoting xenophobic fears.

Second. In the past I have been content to simply disagree with Conservative Political thinking, and by implication, with 'small c' conservatism too. Sadly, those days are gone because the current Tory party has very obviously been hijacked by far right, anti-democratic elements which I have already characterised. Think of them as the Conservative Party's version of the Militant Tendency, except that they are much more secretive and insidious. The difference is that whilst the usual suspects..( DM, Sun, Express etc ) screamed hysterically about the Militant, they are silent about the Far right equivalent and even collude with it, such that many less sophisticated voters remain blissfully unaware of the very real threat. Liberal Democracy is under attack World wide. We are not exempt from that fight.

Finally, I repeat that the hi-jacking and indiscriminate use of 'woke' as way of falsely discrediting any and all opposition, simply adds to the deception, and the danger.



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CT will have to answer that. I didn’t/couldn’t read it.

209 illegal immigrants have arrived here over the weekend. Millions spent on patrols by the RN have had no effect whatsoever. The current numbers of illegals arriving on our shores is unsustainable. I’m sure that the vast majority of the general population are sick and tired of the complete inability of the authorities to do nothing to stem the flow. It doesn’t really need any ‘far right’ whipping up as the situation speaks for itself. The Tory’s failing to address this effectively do so at their peril.
Will Labour do any better in this respect? 

What is their plan on immigration?  

Doubtful on the first and I’ve no idea on the second.
As for the use of the term ‘woke’, that is in the manner you don’t like. However much you dislike it you’re stuck with it. Much like many objected to ‘gay’ being hijacked, woke is in the wild and not going away soon. 

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