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I remember that Chapel too Jill. Have just had a saunter along CTs Google picture and from what I recall, the Chapel and the road itself is about the only thing left from the 50s. Must admit,I am astounded at the difference.

From the pictures I've seen, I think I'd have job finding my way around Nottingham now and I've only been in exile for nigh on 36 years. First time I saw and went on the tram, I was terrified.

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Before that though, wasn't it where Chettles yard was?

Where Skills garage is/was ,just past is where the little road that went to Radford colliery. I think it's called New Road now. (I used to take that route and over the railway bridge as a short cut to Ainsley estate).

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On that link for your picture CT, just past there on the left on new road, at the bridge over the river Leen. That's where we used pretend to swim in the shin deep water, on both sides of the bridge. Back then though, the river banks didn't look like they do now. I must have been around 10-11. Sometimes the water was warmish when it was pumped from the pit baths.

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