Ten things we had wished never happened

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1. Religion

2. Communism

3. The monarchy


5. Parole Board

6. Advertising

7. VAT

8. Social Media

9. Football

10. TV Game shows

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Is that was this is then Mr. Mayfield.? I allus thought it were a gossip column.

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1. Margaret Thatcher.

2. Fascism

3. Bigotry

4. Cluedo

5. Pork Scratchings

6. Those little toys in Kinder Eggs

7. James Last

8. Log Tables

9. Poor People.

10. Potholes.


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1/ Slavery

2/  Two systems Rich n poor 

3/Comming out of Europe

4/ People who want the empire back

5/ Being a subject of the crown   (not a person)

6/ apartheid

7/  Dukes kings Queens

8/    Every one is equal  well should be  (thats debatable)  

9/     Private Education 

10/    Wars

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1. Privatisation of public services. (Which other Governments invest in!)

2. Pollution from water companies.

3. Agricultural pollution including salmon farming.

4. Pollution from industry.

5. Single use plastics and devices (e cigs etc,)

6. Leaving the EU.

7. Boris Johnson's dad (does that count as 2?).

8. Trump becoming US Pres.

9. People trafficking.

10. Going deaf.


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