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18 minutes ago, colly0410 said:

All soaps are a load of old tosh. SWMBO watch's them & I asked her "is that Ena Sharples having a drink in the Queen Vic?" She then started shouting at me for some unknown reason..


Why - was it Minnie Caldwell?

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Uncle Albert 

  can't remember who played him, we spent a week in the Regent Palace hotel London in 1965, Albert Tatlock walked into the lobby with an Ivory cane which had  a gold handle. He spoke to quite a few people he was very polite.

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We have an agreement in our house. Madam watches Emmerdale and Corrie, and I have to record my stuff, and watch it when she's out. Bleddy marvelous !

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You see 'Corrie' tonight ?       poor old Kirk.....Beth threw all his clothes out bedroom window.........with onlookers tut,

my Ex did that to me,, all the neighbours watching one sunny afternoon,,....bless her,, and i'd done

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On 8/2/2017 at 8:30 AM, crankypig said:

Sometimes wonder why we have a telly as we often watch DVDs ,it's a pity I pay a tv licence

I have a TV & a DVD player but have NO license, I don't need one either ! TV has no arial connected & is therefore incapable of receiving a TV signal. Had the TV License bloke around, he even had time for a cup of tea whilst he was here !

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  • 2 years later...

Watching Corrie just now..........Wife says that Carla' has slept with half the street.....i said ''I know...slept with me..and i was just an 'Extra''.............made her laugh anyway............:rolleyes:

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