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A conversation with someone led to a mention of this pub - the New Town Pub in St. Ann's 


The landlady opened a gay bar upstairs in it! Does anyone know where it would have been or anything about it (even if its not lgbt+ or not!)


I would love to know when it opened/closed and what it was like during the 1960s whcih is when the upstairs would have been converted

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There is so little on it - no one has a photo and there appears to be nothing in the newspaper archives either! Sometimes you can get a name or an event/advert in there. The St Ann's demolition page has a brief line to say what street it was on but nothing more.

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  • Cliff Ton changed the title to New Town pub

This was in the Nottm Daily Express of Sept 21st 1881 when the lease was advertised . It gives a starting date of 1859 , so assume that may have been when it was built ?


(Some words missing from original as the article was not fully scanned)


"A well-accustomed, Full-licensed Leasehold
PUBLIC HOUSE, known as The New Town Inn, at corner of Great Freeman-street and Northumberland street, Nottingham, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Walker. This house contains bar, parlour, kitchen, club-room, five bedrooms, brew-house stabling, shed, commodious yard, and outbuildings.
There are two entrances to the house, and the posiition Is one of the best in the neighbourhood, the outdoor trade also being very considerable.
It is held under a lease from the Fresmen's Committee of the town of Nottingham for a term of 99Years, from the 25th day of March, 1859, at the pound rent of £10 10s, payable half-yearly."

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This was in the E.P. June 26th 1968 , so may be a clue to when it closed ?


The final proposal is that the Corporation should acquire the sites of six public houses from Shipstone's in exchange for three sites.

Public houses
The houses to be acquired are: the Barleycorn Inn Raleigh Street,

the Foxhound inn Union Road,

the Coachmarkers" Arms, St. Ann's Well Road,

the Lincoln Arms, Canal Street,

the Freemen's Arms, Alfred Street Central,

and the New Town Inn, Northumberland Street.

The sites are at the junction of Trowell Road and Bridge Road, at the junction of Nottingham Road and Zulu Road, and within Phase Three of the St. Ann's Well redevelopment area.

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