Things our parents used to say

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."Dad I'm hungry whats for tea" The reply was always "Duck under the table or bread and scratchit" If it wasn,'t to my liking mum would say stop your mythering. I tell this to my grandchildren and they look under the table or ask what scratchit is.

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If anywhere, especially the house, was untidy, my Mum would say. it: 'Looked like Jackie Pownall's' (I believe Pownalls scrap yard was down by the old Vic baths?) Another variation was .'Looks like

My old mum, now passed, grew up in old St Anne's and knew hard times from being little until she met and married dad, one of her regular sayings was "If you can't afford it wi real money, you can

Tomlinson, In answer to your question #1387, I used to have some really good Tide Marks on my neck and running up my arms. The back of our house on Hardy's Drive, Gedling was a shared yard, I can'

When dad was exasperated with me, which was quite often he'd mumble "God, give me strength " .

I can still hear him saying that 39 years after his death.

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If I asked mam when something was going to happen, and she didn't know, she would give the frustrated reply 'When Nelson gets his eye back'.

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