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Received this request by email

"I'd like to get a photograph and information about Trent Station... I

went there once or twice when I lived in Long Eaton from 1958 through the

early 80s (well I came to visit my parents). I know the station has been

pulled down, but I would like to enjoy its Midlands Gothic again

Can you help"

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Ayup Mick,

If you check out some of the midland railway sites I'm sure you'll find some pics on there. I've a book somewhere about the railway, I'll fish it out and see if there's owt in there


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Pretty funny - I went to school with Richard Guise, and am still in touch with him. The book, by the way, is NOT about Trent Station.

Richard's dad was the manager at Grasmere Road Co-op where I worked as an order boy. He is still alive and doing relatively well (he is 94).

If you know Long Eaton at all, and especially if you went to the Grammar School in the 60's, you will find the book hilarious. Otherwise you will wonder what the heck he is talking about!

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