"Castle Rock". The Album

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Re the beir keller, did it have a different name later? we played support there to Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, re the teenager song Badaxe did one similar "Why must I be a teenager with herpes" whilst our novelty song was "Eddie Merck meets The Daleks" lol

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Back to the original subject. That concert was held in 1971 and was organised, I believe, by Bob Rowe, who ran Arrow recording studio and produced the record (I had a copy, but the burglars got it long ago). Best tracks on it were by an accoustic duo, Autumn Design, who were Dave "Judd" Proctor and Adrian Armstrong. Judd Proctor was more famous as a member of a trio, Six Hands In Tempo, who made a few records despite their name being often abbreviated to the acronym S H I T !

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I remember seeing Six Hands at a folk club in the Nottingham area, probably in the summer of 1978. I wish I could remember where it was - but that summer is a bit of a haze!

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Someone asked for a play list of the Nottingham Castle Rock lp, well i have just retrieved my copy number 000109 to be exact.

Side one

Odysseus Aguana

Autumn Design Loving

Centuaris Road to Damascus

Dave Rossiter and Friends Don't rock the boat

Side two

Moonlight Drive Changes

Cisco This heavy load

Down to Earth Money Woman

Autumn Design Autumn Design

Gaffa Playing at Love

Satan's Vomit Steakin thru the Tulips

Produced by Bob Rowe

Recorded at Arrow Sound, Nottingham

A bit late but better late then never! !cheers!

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On 2/8/2007 at 7:53 PM, medusa said:

Can anyone remember one summer on the Victoria Embankment, there was an outdoor rock concert featuring local bands,


Put together via BBC Radio Nottingham and the Nottingham Festival in 1973

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