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Alfreton Rd., Arkwright St. and Mansfield Rd.used to have a diverse selection of shops in the 60’s/70’s. Arkwright St. is now predominantly housing, Alfreton Rd. is a run down, no go area and only Mansfield Road remains as being vaguely interesting

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I don't think I'm gerrin owd, I reckon I probably am old.   I have photos of me as a kid with various of my grandparents. I'm now older than my grandparents were in those photos. That's when

I'm increasingly having that problem with a lot of demolition sites around Nottingham.   Broad Marsh bus station and car park have recently gone. Not only can I remember them being built, bu

I married Jane Flint when she was 17 and we've been together now 42 years. Not sure who deserves the medal. Probably her. Thinking about it yes, definitely her. She doesn't recognise your name. Is JS

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Always enjoyed Alfreton road.......used to go quite often in the early 80s...........Running Horse...Windmill......Queens and a couple of other Pubs cant remember the names.....

            Also had a good Pal who had a grocery store at the Top End.........he looked after several'' ladies of the night'' very early in the morning....with cups of Coffee in the back of the store...and they purchased their 'Nightly needs'' from him........often joined them and they Regaled me with their stories...lovely bunch and very funny............back then Alfreton road was full of real 'Characters''........

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This photo recently appeared in another thread, but its natural home should be here. It's the junction of Alfreton Road-Radford Blvd-Gregory Blvd.



 The garage is named Westbourne; and on the far right of the photo a lady is about to cross Grimston Road; that could just possibly be my grandma who lived up there.

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