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9 hours ago, RadFordee said:

@PeverilPerilwhat years were you at windley? i also went there from 1970-74.

A bit before your time - 1947/50. Boys on the lower half of the school and girls on the upper part.


BK - Windley was on Forest Rd about a 100 yards up from Alfreton Rd.

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Cheers PP., thanks a lot for jogging me memory. Getting a bit rusty you know.

just a thought, I'm going to try screen shots of those pictures and then I can look at them at my leisure. 

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The new school seemed very posh compared to the old building.

even had indoor lavviessmile2swish eh.


@Willow wilsondont remember there being a cobblers opposite newdigate st when i lived the, in my time there was a cobblers next door to walter rideouts fish shop ted jones & his wife marjorie, i also loved all the smells you mentioned in there & all the pairs of shoes held together with a rubber band & a paper number ticket on them waiting to be collected along the wooden shelves.

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4 hours ago, RadFordee said:



@Willow wilsondont remember there being a cobblers opposite newdigate st when i lived the, 

RadFordee. Approximately, in the 50s into mid 60s there was a cobbler straight opposite Gagg's motorbike spares shop; Gagg's was at 106 Alfreton road, 100 yards or so down from Newdigate st. That would put cobbler in the current Tesco carpark location prior to, say, relocating. Other than that I don't know.

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@Willow wilsoni'm thinking that the cobblers in that location was probably gone in my time there or that i was too young to remember it there(born in the area 1963)

i do remember gaggs though i think it was next door or very close to norman greaves herbalist shop? & 2or 3 shops down from tommy stevensons newsagents which was next door but 1 to the generous briton pub.

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Thanks for the link ct i shall be having a look at that later, am trying to read through lots of the older topics,

only trouble is i'm not getting any housework done since i joined ns:rotfl:.

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