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So how many of you will be making pancakes today? Or perhaps you are pro pancake racers? How do you like your pancakes?

For some strange reason, in Detroit they don't do pancakes, they eat "Paczki" which are like a large, jam filled, donut. Apparantly it is a Polish tradition that somehow travelled over here - but nowhere else in America!


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I always had fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice, and sugar on mine. But my husband, and now my kids [after seeing him do it] put vinegar and sugar on theirs.

Never heard of putting vinegar on pancakes or even know of someone who does how strange must try some day…just sugar and fresh squeezed orange juice for me.

Very interesting link Limey Thanks…

What's the betting Caz puts red grape juice on her's.. :tease:

Bip. :ph34r:

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Nah you are wrong Den. I love blueberries & Vanilla yoghurt on mine. As a child I remember we used to have just jam some of the time along with the traditional orange juice & sugar the times we had an orange in the larder.

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Definitely a squeeze of lemon and brown sugar for me. My daughter had a go once, and hers ended up more like a Crepe Suzette, right down to the Grand Marnier. Very nice, but they weren't the real traditional pancakes for pancake day. My Dad used to spinkle ground nutmeg and cinnamon on his. They were quite yummy.

Hugs Alison

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Mention of Golden Syrup brought back a memory.  Me mam used to make Treacle Pud' with that.  I used to love it.  I was trying to describe it to Mrs. L the other day, but she didn't seem to grasp the idea.  :). No Robertsons over here as far as I know.

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