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World renowned rock and roll guitar legend has died aged 86 in Franklin Tennessee. (I thought he would have been much older)

Famous for the golden twang guitar sound with well known hits such as Rebel Rouser, Because They're Young and the theme for Peter Gunn

The soundtrack of my youth gets ever quieter and in his memory here is Rebel Rouser


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The original ''Man with the twang''........this was one of my favourites back in those great days............yes OZ......Our youth is slipping away............RIP..Duane.........

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I loved Duane Eddy. His twangy guitar sound was such an important part of the early 1960s music scene especially to a budding guitarist like me.

I was at Uni in Manchester (Salford to be precise) 1972/3 and used to listen to The Johnnie Walker show on Radio One on Wednesday afternoons when we had free time. He used Duane's “Because They're Young” as his theme music and it brings back happy memories when I hear it.

I also love this one from 1975.

RIP Duane Eddy a guitar legend.

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