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Some folks only request information, which is fair enough by me. Maybe they don't want discussion, chat, banter etc. Different people want different things from a forum, and that's fine.  If

Things you don’t see anymore (times 2) A 1945 photo of my aunt, wearing a turban and scrubbing her front door step on Queens Grove, Meadows. She dug her heels in and refused to move when the

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On 9/24/2020 at 9:28 PM, Beekay said:

I'm gonna buy an electric car just as soon as I  can find a 230mile extension lead.:wacko:


Just been reading a local newspaper article that says SSE power are warning Scotland that by 2030 so many tourists will be arriving in electric cars that the power supply will not be able to cope and power curs to homes will be almost inevitable. You couldn't make it up, could you!

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Richard Hartshorn of SSE recently proposed new laws that will allow smartmeters to be used to regulate demand i.e. switch your supply off if the grid reaches overloaded. Few realise just how close the UK generators are to failing to meet demand and electric vehicles can only exacerbate the situation.

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Banda machines ! When I  was a specification clerk in the production control office at Raleigh, my job was preparing formats that fitted onto these machines. When breaking down orders for cycles, into component parts we used write out on sheets with carbon paper attached underneath,  the ' wrong way round, so an image formed on the reverse side. When completed these were checked then passed on to Banda operators to print off copies for different departments of the factory. Every component had a 7 digit code to identify it. The only one I  remember was 3880037/90 (stainless finish) or /91 (chrome finish). That was sixty years ago ! Funny what you remember.

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