Things you don't see anymore

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Some folks only request information, which is fair enough by me. Maybe they don't want discussion, chat, banter etc. Different people want different things from a forum, and that's fine.  If

Things you don’t see anymore (times 2) A 1945 photo of my aunt, wearing a turban and scrubbing her front door step on Queens Grove, Meadows. She dug her heels in and refused to move when the

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Thinking back, I remember the 60's as a time of high fashion and everyone was 'with it'. But, looking back at old street scenes of the 60's, most of the men were still wearing a trilby. If you'd have asked me, I'd have said they died out in the 50's, but not so.

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I actually wore a flat cap for a while sometime in the late 70s early 80s and thought I was so cool !!!. It ended up in the canal by London road after I got in a bit of a ruck with some Aston Villa fans one afternoon 845t4rd5!!!

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The price of things in guineas. I know there was no such coinage, but a lot of stuff was in guineas. Like my first trip abroad in 1965, all in for 2 weeks in Lloret, was 18 guineas. [took some save up for, I'll tell you. Laughable now]

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The price of things in guineas. I know there was no such coinage.

oooops,,,,, there were indeed guinea coins,,,, (and I rekkon some stalgians will be old enough to remember !)

I don't want to list them all,,,, but George I, II & III had actual guinea coins,,,,,,,,


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Bread Poltice fer the boil on yer neck.......

Lion Ointment........

Cow 'eal sandwiches...........

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Nuff said really, with most folk now having a mobile phone there is no need for the road side box, took this today in Norfolk, (are they trying to tell us something????)


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