Things you don't see anymore

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Some folks only request information, which is fair enough by me. Maybe they don't want discussion, chat, banter etc. Different people want different things from a forum, and that's fine.  If

Things you don’t see anymore (times 2) A 1945 photo of my aunt, wearing a turban and scrubbing her front door step on Queens Grove, Meadows. She dug her heels in and refused to move when the

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Visitors being invited/welcomed into the home, early evening Mrs Red had a visit from a old mate who stood on the street while Mrs Red stood chatting with the door wide open letting all the heat out! Get yourselves in doors, break bread, offer a cup of tea, like the good old days.  

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Be honest now.....Who can look at this picture without singing the signature tune? :crazy:




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Archie Duncan (Little John) is currently appearing in the 1954  Shelock Holmes TV series on Talking Pictures. It features Ronald Howard as Holmes, H. Marion Crawford as Watson and Archie Duncan as Lestrade.

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On 12/24/2020 at 5:16 PM, philmayfield said:

Coal delivery lorries

We have our coal delivered to our boat when we're in Nottingham by lorry or if we're out on the cut we flag the coal boat down..... Back to things you don't see anymore... "Blue Bags" that you drop in your washing

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10 hours ago, Beekay said:

"Dolly Blues" Ube. 

Yep that's them..... Think you could put them on wasp or bee stings too but I think that was about as much good as butter on a bump on your head

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It would work on bee stings because I believe it was an alkali.  
remember:  bee stings- bicarb

wasp stings - vinegar


.....or buy Wasp-eze from the pharmacy ;)

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Shops pulling stripey sun blinds out

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