Things you don't see anymore

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Some folks only request information, which is fair enough by me. Maybe they don't want discussion, chat, banter etc. Different people want different things from a forum, and that's fine.  If

Things you don’t see anymore (times 2) A 1945 photo of my aunt, wearing a turban and scrubbing her front door step on Queens Grove, Meadows. She dug her heels in and refused to move when the

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Gas lamposts

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Carni, You can buy them from Wilco's but work out expensive.

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Not after grubby kids have had their snotty fingers in them. God, what a thought !!!!!!!

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Grubby fingers in the sweet box, not the gas lamps . LOL

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Mens sock Garters

Seams in stockings

Sunday best clothes

Men combing their hair in a shop window reflection

Housewives Aprons

Dusters / hair scarves

Small pox vaccination scars

Bench seats in cars

Steering column gear change

Headlight foot switch

"Running in" signs on cars

Inner tubes


Wind screen wipers that hang down

Slide rulers

Wind up alarm clocks

Televisons that take 3 minutes to warm up.

The white dot when you turn off the TV

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I used to pass this garage on the old A46 when I was a kid on the way to Skeggy with my dad, now gone.

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We were just discussing what our parents used for washing the dishes in the 30/40s (Mainly Us) lol. It seems the same thing was used for Laundry and Dishes as well. Oxydol being one option and Soap Flakes, plenty of clean water for rinsing!

While researching, I found this link to some information on daily life in the 30/40s, and also a reminder as to the style of homes at that time. Most of us probably lived in homes similar.

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