Arkwright Street - 1928

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I reckon its taken from the top of a tram travelling towards town from Trent Bridge,

and is approx 100 or so yards down from the same..

if you look at the 1973 pic below, you'll see several features that match..

the 73 photo starts at the three story building which is on the righthand side on the 28 pic

and from there the lamp stands/skyline/street junctions etc start to match, as does the camber of the road..

what do u reckon? ;)


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Firstly, if I had to guess, then I'd say Ayagorra's pic was Radford Road by The Old General, but I'll 'ave a shilling wi it.

The two photos show different sections of Arky. Since all the bay windows there would not have changed since before the turn of the century; they are not compatible. Since (Oscroft's) train bridge is not visible in either of these two, then the furthest toward town they could ever be is half way.

I believe Aya's vista to be toward the junction with Willersley St (left), as it was the only street in the middle of Arky to head off at a daft SW tangent. I remember there was a shop on the right hand side of this view - just before St Saviour's St with a ruddy gret autogyro in the window around the time of 'You Only Live Twice'. It's once again the upper floors which hold the clues, as it's daft hard work for successive businesses to prat around with up so high for the benefit of their five-foot tut-tut shoppers.

Ilkolad's photo, on the other hand, is almost certainly Trent Bridge end, as the lower right sweep toward the tanning factory suggests. On the right of the pic is the Lady Bay Cleaners shop, and the first first floor bay window just after it is where a very charming young lady called Gina Rudge and her parents lived. Gina was in my class at Arkwright - loved her to bits at the time. The opposing left hand junction where the whiteish curve-boarded husting is, I believe to be Orange Street. In the early sixties, it was the toy shop where me mum was about to buy me a Fireball XL5, until the shop assistant told her that it came with a catapult launcher. DOHHH!

The Actual Shedfixman - "...working for a better Meadows..."

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Hey Shedfixman

I knew Gina Rudge too!! I think i'm right in thinking her parents either owned or ran an Off Licence over the roundabout going towards Trent Bridge? I also recall she had a silky terrier dog. She was good Friends with my sister. PM me & tell me your real name :D

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