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I remember my first day ay Arkwright Infants School. :(

I was taken there after being at home with my mum for 5 yrs,well you can imagine it was like being separated from your siamese twin. I think I screamed for what seemed like hours. I can see the other kids faces now, I was laying on the floor & they were looking down at me on the floor of the classroom. The worst thing was the teacher Mrs Cree told me my mum had gone home & just as I was settling down my mum poked her head over the glass of the door to see if I was ok, I saw her face & started all over again,embarressing isnt it?? :unsure:

I remember Mr Hutchison the headmaster, he used to send us home when we had a pea soup fog,& there were plenty of those when we were little . I never understood how my mum knew we were going to be let out early as we didn't have a phone & nothing like we have today in the way of technology, do you think she was psychic??


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