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A waste of bloody space, embarrassment to his mother and country, Philip should have put his boot up his arse and sent in back in the marines, wouldn't even make a half decent powder monkey



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I don't know that much about him, he's one of those who seems to keep out of the limelight.

One thing I do think is that at least he had the honesty and integrity to say 'sorry can't do it, I'm not good enough'

Had he stayed there's little  doubt he would have been given a Captains commission and found a nice cosy desk job at HQ but he chose to end what was becoming a farce.

I also think he probably resigned after some pressure, not to go but to stay. As I say, at least he was honest.

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His wife Sophie was the PA to Brian Maclaurin who is the father of one of my son’s first girlfriends (when he was still at school, a long time ago)  it was Brian who faced the Media with her when the Royal engagement was announced.  His daughter was a gorgeous very pretty girl. 

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Also where is his "Blue Peter" Badge?

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