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William Crane annual reunion will be held on March 28th 2007, at 7.30pm, at the New Park Tavern, Nuthall Rd, Cinderhill. Most folks that go, were born before 1947. Hope some of you can make it.

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Hi Katy

Is this just for the girls school?

And what about us young 'uns that weren't born until the early 50's?

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Hi Frank

No it's not just for the girls school, it's anyone who attended Crane. I'm just saying it's pre 1947 as that's what my brother said. He has been to 2 or 3 now, and he reckons that looks the age group there. Definitely 'golden oldies' not the young whippersnappers of late.

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Thanks Katy

Bit late to go tomorrow as I've got other plans - but I'd be interested in attending some future reunion.

Who knows, might get to meet up with a few of those former girlfriends smile2

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