The Parking Light thing

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My Triumph Vitesse had a light switch that by turning the knob one click turned on the offside parking lights only, the second click turned on all the side lights, I can't remember but I think you the pulled the switch to turn on the headlights. A good idea as it reduced the load on the battery and did away with the need for the paraffin lamp.

Do you still have the rule that you have to have parking lights on at night?

Here in Oz we don't have to use parking lights but you are only allowed to park in the direction of travel so other traffic is presented with red reflectors. Thinking about that do modern cars with LED lights still have reflectors, I'll have to have a look tonight.

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#29. Michael Booth.

There are some decent people in Bulwell & Aspleh |Michael, they will still nick your car but will leave the lamp behind, every one will see your car in the dark later on when it's being burnt out !

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When my eldest son was about 8 he had an operation in Luton and Dunstable Hospital and I was permitted to stay on the ward overnight with him.  At visiting time my husband brought our 6 year old son in to visit.  The boy brought a yellow battery operated flashing light as a present, borrowed from Daddy’s yard.  When ward lights were turned off I couldn’t turn the thing off so put it under the bed.  The ward sister was so annoyed, I got a good telling-off and she confiscated the lamp!  

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