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Do you guys overseas celebrate New Years Eve in any particular way? When I lived In Western Australia I had a lot of scottish friends who as you may know celebrate Hogmanay with gusto to say the least. I loved it as we wouldn't go to their house until at least 10 pm & we would only drink no eating until the strike of 12 & then we would be served mince,tatties & neaps [Mince,Potatoes & Turnips] It was brilliant & we would party until the sun came up. Here in Victoria if you dont plan it properly its all over by 12 if they get on the juice too early!! :P:P:P

We visited the UK at Christmas in 99 & saw the New Year in & it was the best!! we were dancing in the snow at 3 in the morning. Do you still have the tradition of bringing in the coal & so on where you live?


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I share Lizzies attitude of not running scared. And although I'm 82 next moth I do not feel old and vulnerable. I am out and about every day but wearing a mask when needed and I carry my own hand gel

Can honestly state that despite a couple of major health 'set backs' have never felt old,,,Smoked,Drank, and chased many unhealthy lifestyles,,but never seemed to affect how old i felt....      

Nice one young Ian,...........don't mean not mentioning our 'Katy' lol................can't follow that,you've been a real performer this last to you and everyone on the site (inc

Guest smithylass

Yes caz we have had some wonderful nights in nottm on new years eve...the markets square and the policemen even joined in...

now we spend it with friends...but i am afraid the warfarin..ok rats poison! doesnt allow me to have toooo many..!!

my hubby is on call new years hoses at the ready...theres always some idiot who wants to cook chips at 2 am !!!,then falls asleep with the chip fat burning !!!!!

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Oh shame Mick,but someone has to do it hey?? My defacto brother-in-law has to work too, so I know how you feel, just part of the job. Hope you get time to have a drink anyway, best wishes


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  • 11 years later...

Wish I could be. Outlaw invasion imminent....... Ugh !

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Remember counting down to a few in the 360 way back.

Once around 1965 ish we went to the Ice Rink and I accidentally stabbed my mate Rob Cartwright in the shin with the back of my skate.

Many others in assorted pubs etc.. or at parties.

All a blur these days.

Tonight will be quiet. May not even have a drink, but will certainly get kicked out to go round the house with a bit of coal we've kept in the kitchen drawer for years.

Rare stuff these days.. coal..


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Despise new year celebrations, for me personally.. its more struggle with 16 slapped on top of it!!

As a ritual, I put my pischoags out on the windowsill- coal,bread,coins..whether it works or not?..well I'm above ground!!

Got a bottle of dimple and some Burns readings beside me.

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We are having a party here, starting at 4pm. A bit early yes, but, we will have a toast every hour for a part of the world, starting at 5 for the U.K. if anyone lasts till 10 we'll be surprised, if so Happy New Year, New York.

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Been many many years since I stopped up to see the New Year in, probably the last time was when I worked nightshift in Blighty, problem there was no alcohol to see it in, just a mug of tea and some snap.

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Made all the phone calls to relatives & friends wishing them a HNY, emails sent too. Will be watching a video later & enjoying a brace of Hobgoblins !

So if the phone rings at midnight I'll let it bleddy ring !

Happy New Year Nottstalgians !!

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Before we get boozy,bleary eyed and sentimental- I would like to jot down a few but sincere words.

The end of 2015 marks my first year on this site,I don't do Facebook or Twitsville or even Tinder!

So to discover Nottstalgia was a surprise to me- normal folk enjoying memories and making new ones all based around the great City and County of Notts. I don't make friends easily despite my socialable persquation,Blondie got it right two weeks in " them Scorpio's"

NS has improved my spelling, word power and knowledge! But also what has emerged is that compassion, understanding and reason is an important factor in listening and communication with others ( you lot!)

A very big ALSO- has to be recognised is that we are the same IN different ways. As you are aware my health has prevented me from from working in these past few years,and the transformation from a busy breadwinner to a chap on state handouts.. does not sit well,guilt and feeling of no use in the working world bears down!

However my involvement with Nottstalgia has renewed my faith in society- and put me in touch with some beautiful people.. and Dawson don't say stuff like that on a whim!!

Firbeck has given me so much pleasure with his railway has Bilbra..his mate,Enigma for shots and quips of Bulwell.

Merthyr my bus man- ta!!

Stephen Ford..Nunkergate..the man!

Two superb ladies..and gorgeous- Carni and Margie,level headed and kind!

Cliff for his " instant" pictures.. superb!

Fynger for sorting the squabbles.. Keep hugging!!

Benjamin. a man I admire and don't talk rot!..also cuts a fine sight in a striped number.

Radfordred.. for those priceless oneliners!

Tim/Fly2..a chap that walks and talks like Moir! Plus a Great Central man!!..need I say more??

Albert our engine man with a smile to die for!!

TBI: late night folk maestro- thank you for the heads up on some marvelous music.

DJ Col- late nite mate!! time I'm Merseyside. we're boozing!! have re- introduced me to Vangelis and Paul Temple.

Dave 48,a gentleman in the extreme and knows his onions where good sounds are concerned!

Robbie- a Friend indeed,and a serious arsenal of photographs.. Thanks( Heathcotes) man!!

Bubblewrap, a bloke with wisdom on bonk!!

Our young Melissa.. Hi!

NS party babe- Hippo Girl..thanks 4 bin' real!

Sue b good laughs..and more at next getogether?

Loppylugs. What a fine man with a gentle nature..and the best handle on ' ere!!- thanks Dave!!

Coffers and Terence for the odd chip in- funny!!

Mr.Michael Booth( wife's fave!!) I salute you,a fellow Stones nut- and has given me strength and understanding through his plight.

If I have missed anyone.. I'm sorry..but me ONE typing finger is knacked!!

No thanks for a year of fine humour,generosity,understanding and for being and all round great bloke..Catfan!! A godsend..quite literally could be written without mentioning Mick/sue in despatches!.. Keep me seat warm buddy!!

And on the Lady front,Lizzie,a calm to my often charged posts! Cheers for a year of wit and extreme kindness.. bless you girl!!

Right I'm off for a rissole and a hobgoblin.. 16,y' all!!

A big PS to Katyjay, sorry m' lady!!

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Nice post Ian,

Don't forget fella, you have brought friendship, humour & a lot of nostalgia to Nottstalgia as well.

Reading your post nearly had me in tears, I must be going soft / daft in my old age !

P.S. A pint of Hobgoblin awaits pal !

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Nice one young Ian,...........don't mean not mentioning our 'Katy' lol................can't follow that,you've been a real performer this last to you and everyone on the site (inc.Katy) have an excellent 'New year'...............cheers.


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Enjoyed reading your long post, Ian. You covered NEARLY everyone, I reckon. I love reading your contributions to NS...

Hope everyone on here will have a happy and healthy new year xx

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