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We need a Mundella Moderator. PM admin to apply.

You don't get paid, but a certain amount of power comes with the position. ;)

Thank you.

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Can I's be a Prefect. Pleeze, pretty pleeze.

I know the words of the skool song:

Mundella School for ever, may it successful be

With earnest students blended in cordial sympathy.

In playground and in study let all put forth their might.

In healthy emulation their fullest powers unite.


Go forward then Mundella

Go forward one and all

In honour's path press forward

Advance at duty's call.

And Barton Hart thinks I have improved:


And I have a picture of the Skool:


Hugs Alison

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Were you there when Doug Scott demonstrated his skill by climbing over the building? Boy would that create an H&S fuss today!

Can you imagine the the utter stupidity of the vandals who authorised the destruction of such a magnificent building with brand new science labs and hall to make way for a group of really ugly little square boxes on the site at present. Surrounded by acres of playing fields any top Public school would have been proud to call this home. :Fool:

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...and don`t forget:

Our good old town has ever her part right nobly played.

In freedom's cause her people have strenuous efforts made.

Our Scholars in the future her citizens will be,

Their zeal and labour bringing increased prosperity.


Go forward then Mundella, your daughters leal and true;

Your sons staunch and determined shall duty's call pursue.

Thus shall they surely further in one united band

The welfare of our city and of our Motherland.


...fetch my cane for forgetting... kickme

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Yes, I was there 1955 to 1960. But not under my present name.

As Michelle in 'Allo 'Allo would say "'Leesen verrry carefully, I weel zay zis only once...'", Alison was a beneficiary of the UK's Gender Recognition Act of 2004. <grin> You need a good sense of humour to go where I have been. My personal website is at

Hugs Alison

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Hi Alison, I have just posted a reply on another thread and didn`t recognise you until I saw your photo on your site.

My short term memory is still somewhat shot for words but photos seem to find the pathways in my brain somehow..

I am planning to go over next year and visit the old stamping grounds with my sister Janet, who also went to Mundella.

How is life treating you?

Regards Andrew.

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Hi Andrew,

welcome to the funny farm. It never occurred to me that you didn't know about this place.

Hugs Alison

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Hi Alison, nearly 11 years later and I just tried to access your site but to no avail. Is that your site problem or a server problem?

Anyway, being in our seventh decade, maybe I should travel east from Wagga to the coast and catch up. Catch me on Facebook.

Regards Andrew Cole


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