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9 minutes ago, catfan said:

I sacked Post Image. Use something much better these days !

Is it a secret?.

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Works for me on on my iPad using 'Direct link'   This  is Button btw.  She is the mother of our other cat, Zippy  

Eeyar.  Heres one for you.  My first test from PIM.     Taken of Bailey today as he and Jake are on guard duty on the window seat.  Hope it works.    Edited to add.  Who

Posted Images

Ask me nicely & I might tell you !

Oh go on then, Google Photo's ! Does a lot more than PI with no upload limits except keep images below 16mb & you're good to go til the cows come home.

Works on loads of platforms, Windows, IOS, Android, Kindle, Linux. In fact I'm struggling to find what it doesn't work on.

If you can run Google then it will work !

Don't cost owt either !

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1 minute ago, Stuart.C said:

Clicking on the link gets me the picture below.

Is that not what you wanted ??



Yes that's the image but presumably you've taken a screenshot which is why the rest of the page is included. How dud you get the image into your post?

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I believe Stuart.C is using Imgur as a hosting site (same as me).


What I do is put an image on my Imgur account, then I click on a line of code generated by Imgur, which I copy into the Nottstalgia post.


That makes the image appear here.

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Yes I realise that is how it's done hence all the pictures I've already posted. However they've all come from photobucket which, as you say, generates an URL which works on this site. 


My problem is with images on One Drive. I do the same thing and I get the URL as in my original post. I can paste it into a post for people to click on but it won't display if I paste it into the other media box.

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There's an option on the desktop version to create an embed code rather than a link which I emailed to my tablet. It's a work around but means I can't do it all while I'm drinking my coffee in Costa.

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