Barry St.ives

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Hi all,

I didn't realise I was missed.

MICK2:  I got a bit fed up with one of our members and kept away for a while,,,, then just fell out of the habit.

Obviously I'm not Barry St Ives (unless I'm dead), but Barry in St Ives as Beefy knows.

I've been quite ill, and a lot of convalescing,,,,, but still here.

BEEFY: No more darts i'm afraid, due to bad health.  No pool either, so buggered for entertainment in my old age ?!?! 

BANJO: Yep - that sounds like Kluck.  His name is Mick Klutko - his father is, or was, a white russian.  They used to live at the top of Freda Avenue.  I lived at Shelford Road just down the hill from him.  Incy dentally, Freda Avenue was an unmade cart track when we first moved there.


Good health to everyone:cool:

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 Nice to see the absentees back and putting up a good fight. The problem is, we are all gerrin owd! 


All we need now is Rog! WHERE ARE YOU, ROG?

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