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Have you ever seen in your life a diver kiss his wife while the bubbles bounced above the water?

Hello, Rose here again, hello too to our antipodean friends from down under.

Been reading with great interest your replies especially those from you who are now living in pastures anew. Couldn’t help noticing a theme weaving it’s way through ever post you refer to, one of discontent, am I right? Hark at me I’m a poet and I don’t know it.

Couldn’t say that about this county, it has always looked after me, that’s why I’m here now and not in an establishment for the mentally ill.

Hasn’t the weather changed? I have finally got some tomatoes on me hanging basket plants, thought at one stag I would be tomato free this year.

Ted our free bus driver reckons too that his cannabis plants are doing well, will he ever learn. Did I tell you he got stopped for speeding?

Yes speeding in a clapped out rust bucket. It happened several weeks ago, one of these hand held traps on the promenade got him doing five over the limit of twenty-five, he said it could have been worst, just before he was stopped he had discarded a smoke from his side window.

Edna won at Bingo the other night, did I tell you?

Bought me a drink and chips on our way back to the home thought that was nice of her.

I believe Bert’s been reported to the management for noise disturbance, thank goodness I don’t live next door to him anymore, did I tell you I had to be moved away from him because of his dvd porn collection, he plays them at all times of the day and night, nights the worst time though.

He’s a little deaf too, plays them so loud everyone on the same floor can hear them; I know I had over six months of it.

I’m quite happy where I am now, got a good view of the prom and sand dunes, the only thing that does disturb me if I want a lie in on some mornings is the noise the Donkeys make on their way down to the sands.

Have I told you that here some nights we have a guest speaker come in to talk to us about this and that? Last Tuesday we had a guest speaker from our local aquatic society giving us a talk about deep sea diving, I ask you? whatever made Helen book him I’ll never know.

I must say it turned out to be quite interesting, learnt quite a bit about diving and the use of air tanks, pity though the average age of us all is eighty-two, still never mind, it will come in handy for when we come back in the next life. Have you ever seen in your life a diver kiss his wife while the bubbles bounced above the water? I have.


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G'day Rose

I moved your post to this section as it's where folks from Nottm & who live out of town & overseas like to keep in touch.

I would be staying away from the man with the DVD collection & reporting him to matron too ;)

If you get a bit bored drop a line to BIP he posts on here all the time & loves a game of bingo,trouble is he lives in Nottm or Derbyshire but i'm sure he will sort it out,he has an affinity with old ladies :yahoo:

Which part of Nottm are you from? oh I am assuming you were born in Nottm ,maybe not?

Really good to hear from you there aren't enough ladies on this site so keep posting about anything,we will listen honest B)

Caz in Oz

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