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Happy Birthday Frankie boy!!

Have a good time at the Poacher ...I just know you will LOL

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Unfortunately, I won't be going near the Poacher, :(

Not even at the weekend as we are off for a visit to me daughters in Cambridge.

Going to have a lovely dinner with mrs frank though and maybe - just maybe - a bottle of wine with us smoked haddock.

(And a couple of cans fer starters)

Thanks for all the best wishes - they are appreciated :yahoo:

Here's my little baby (27 now) who lives in cambridge and has just got the results from her second degree (first one in Law) and has got the 8th top score in the exam in the WORLD !bravo!


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What a gorgeous baby well done to her on the exams. Shirl & yourself must be very proud Frank lips0

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takes after her mum 4 the brain power.

what a stunner takes after her mum 2 4 that...

So frank where do you fit in with all this?

long live HP.


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Well, I certanly don't like the shopping and tramping around town all day only to end up back at the first shop visited to purchase said item - not like them 2 I don't.

And I certainly can't chin wag like them 2.

When we had the budgie (female) it was 3 onto 1 - no wonder I spend so much time down the pub

Eyup - I'm not getting to be a texter like BIP am I with all these numbers !rotfl!

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You can moan as much as you like Frank but you would be bad off without us, who else would you have to do your laundry,ironning,dusting, cooking,running the house old affairs, bring up you lovely daughter and to spend all your money for you?


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