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Hi Waddo 

Perhaps I can explain why Albert Pierrepont never carried out Executions at Nottingham Prison. HMP Lincoln and HMP Leicester are classed as local prisons . The roll of the local prison is to receive prisoners  either convicted or remanded from the courts that they served within their catchment area they will then allocate convicted prisoners to a training prison appropriate to their category to continue their sentence. Remand prisoners are held until they are to be produced for their next hearing in the court in which they were remanded. Nottingham was  classed as a training prison so would have held prisoners allocated from a local prison. Prisoners sentenced to death would have been returned to the local Prison to await execution. following their execution their bodies would have been buried within the Prison walls in unconsecrated ground. I hope this is helpful. HMP Nottingham was in Lincolns catchment area so any prisoner sentenced to death at Nottingham Crown Court would have been executed at Lincoln. Albert Pierrepont carried out a number of executions at Lincoln.    

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7 hours ago, Deeps said:

Albert Pierrepont carried out a number of executions at Lincoln.  

Thanks Deeps, for the information, Albert carried out 5 hangings at Lincoln.

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7 hours ago, IAN123. said:

Spot on Catfan,George Haywood,hung for murder?

I think you will find he was hanged not hung! (Just saying)

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Just re reading the history of the SAS , and was amazed that Albert Pierrepont hanged the only British soldier convicted of treason during WW2. Theodore Schurch, alias John Richards. Well done Albert.

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