So what will Nottingham be like in 20 years time?

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!raise! Those days have gone, the ones we the over fifties can remember when seeing an ethnic person walking down ones high street was an event in itself.

I don’t remember any ethnic children in my school or any bin men walking down my path to empty my bin.

The media is constantly reminding us just lately that there are over two hundred thousand people leaving this country every year for pastures anew.

When interviewed these migrants sing the same song, the grass is greener on the other side of the street.

Personally myself I don’t think it is but then again I haven’t tried living for a few months aboard to find out.

From what I’ve seen on my travels abroad and I have been to a few that life isn’t any better, different I will give you that, not any better though.

Ok the weather in a lot of countries is better but even that has it downsides, who wants to live in a country when you can’t go outside for most of the day because it’s to hot, where one is seeking shade and coolness most of the time? No thank you meduk!

Give me good old England with its varying temperatures rising fuel costs and greener grass made possible by greener taxes.

Bip. :Vampire:

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boombox2 Am I alone here, am I the only one on this forum when given a choice wouldn’t go and live abroad?

Thought of it many times in the past and at one time had a little cob on whenever me and the wife couldn’t agree whether we should or not go, I wanted to and she didn’t.

My wife was a big believer in the family circle sticking together, I could see her point and I suppose that stopped me from pursuing my argument for living abroad any further.

Now that basically I have lost my partner and my mother too you would suppose I would consider moving overseas once again, but you would be wrong in thinking that.

Even thought we are reminded in the press and on television how violent this country and the city of Nottingham in particular is becoming I still think we here in England are much better off than a lot of places that I have visited.

When I saw the poorer parts of Brazil they made me realise how well off I was, especially when one of our party had a gold neck chain snatched from around her neck by a youth on a bike while walking alone the promenade adjacent to Coca cabaña beach and the rotting smell of the fish markets of Thailand didn’t help either. The traffic-polluted streets of Bangkok made my eyes water and my throat hurt, I have never experienced anything like that here and I hope I never will.

To quote the topic title “What will Nottingham be like in twenty years time?

I hope it won’t be like the places I have mentioned because if it is? I hope I’m on the right medication and the person who is looking after me has realised I don’t like winter cabbage.

Bip. !laughing!

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You're not alone in wanting to stay here Den, I have lived/worked abroad and very nearly did settle down there

The only thing I would do different here is that I would buy a big boat and go any where in the country that I chose to

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I have lived away from Nottingham, and England, pretty much continuously since 1976 - and yet I still consider it "home". I would love to retire back there, but at the moment it is financially impossible - but I know we will be spending a good amount of time there.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Mary, who was born and raised within 50 miles of where we live, has also declared Nottingham to be "the best" city she has visited in the U.K. - there is just something about the place that is addictive.

And yes - I remember seeing my first "person of color"! From the top deck of a Nottingham Transport number 57 bus - going from Arnold into the city. I pointed and shouted "look" to my mum! I must have been about 5 years old.

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Den, on reading your email, I noted that your mum has passed on. It must be recent as we only talked of her in the last few months?

As to living overseas, Australia is as near paradise as it is possible to get for `quality of life,food,housing etc', but the native Aussies are without doubt the most racist I have ever encountered.Certainly native Nottingham people are the salt of the earth, its just the overcrowding,dirt and low standards of living,that I cannot cope with.Everything in life is compromise.

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I must agree with you Stan about Aussies being racist. I only have to remember my encounters in Bali with them .A BUNCH OF GOB SHITE POMMIE HATERS IF EVER THERE WAS ANY ,for all they seemed to forget that most of them were decended from 'Crims' they all thought they could out drink out fight and out play us at all sports (Proved em wrong again today via the rugby ha ha ha) the drinking I did on my own ,as for the fighting ask them how they looked the morning after October 23rd 1990. LOL and there were only two of us against at least 7

They got my goat that night by constantly berating our nation telling 'English 'jokes ,to our faces, and as soon as I told an Aussie joke they couldn't take it.

I have just put them down to being a race of as misserable a bunch of argumentative wan**rs that any one would want to meet

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Hmm Hmm!! excuse me I may not be round much but I havent totally left the building ya know? !tony!

Nothing wrong with Ozzies it's just we don't like the English,that's not rascist is it? !rotfl!

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I didn't hear any one responding to the mention of the rugby though did I ?????? !rotfl!

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Well let me put you straight

Venue,Stade Velodrome, Marseilles ,France

Date 6/10/07

K.O.Time 2.00pm B.S.T. Score ,Austrailia 0, England 0.

Half Time 2.40pm B.S.T. Score Austrailia 10, England 6

Final Whistle 3.30 pm B.S.T. Final score Austrailia 10, England 12

A truly magnificent victory by the 15-1 under dogs (England) against the 1-5 on favourites (Austrailia), trailing as they were at half time to a converted try and a penalty , against two Sir JOHNNY WILkINSON penalties. The second half saw a really reinvigorated England side throw everything they had against a pathetic excuse for a rugby team from the southern hemisphere, their endevours where rewarded with two more brilliant (and unanswered) Sir JOHNNY WILKINSON penalties throwing the nation of the Poms into raptures, and into the nearest pub to celebrate (Although personaly it was shopping time in Morrisons for me)


Although this reporter is not holding his breath for the result of the final this time

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I have a joke, maybe should be put in the Giggles pages but what the hek.

What’s the difference between a teabag and an Ozzie

A teabag stays in the cup longer. !rotfl!

Bip. :victory:

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Den, on reading your email, I noted that your mum has passed on. It must be recent as we only talked of her in the last few months?

unfortunately she passed away last month Stan very sudden too.

Bip. :Friends:

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