Gday from Caz

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Hi everybody

Back from my hols,had a great time whats been happening in your lives?

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I can do better than that lad hang 5 only problem is I cant find the button to add pics wheres it gone me duck???

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Hiya Caz - i believe your lad was gracing the stage at the Approach last night 3/11 i was in there earlier in the night did have a look around to say hello .

Just for you Den i was drinking Viru A genuine Estonian lager produced by a le coq brewery in Tartu. The brewery was founded in 1807 and supplied both the imperial and red armies of Russia .....................well i never !!!

Live Music Jason Hart of The Orange Lights at 9pm, The Joe Strange Band light up the stage at 10pm: Jason Hart of the signed band The Orange Lights who has just come back from a mini tour in America sings solo followed up by Nottingham greats The Joe Strange Band

Live Sport Arsenal v Man Utd (12.45), Blackburn v Liverpool (5.15pm)

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