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Took the family to the city on Saturday , We went on the Tram all the way to Hucknall and back, getting off in the square for some lunch and photo sessions.

Sunday was spent at Sherwood forest and the 'Major Oak' had lunch there, that was quite reasonable too.


The little out laws hiding in the 'Minor Oak'


Charlotte about to throw leaves at daddy


At the oak


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It’s been some years since I visited the Major Oak I believe it would be twenty years or more, quite surprised it aint fell down by now.

Glad you and the family enjoyed your day out beefy also the tram trip.

I did my trip the opposite way round when I first went on the tram Beefy. Drove to Hucknall because I wanted to reminisce about the days and years I spent there when my wife was alive, we bought our first house out there.

Rode the tram to Station street called in the News House on Canal street for a couple and rode it back again, never been on one since.

PS where do the kids get their good looks from? :Shock:


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Nice pics and lovely kids, mate. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I still get a kick out of the odd visit up there. Usually it's with people visiting us. I've been up there THREE times with visitors quite recently.

All you need in Sherwood Forest is a bit of imagination and a love of nature. A few words on the subject from me:

Land of Legend and Dreams

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Hi Beefy.

Sorry about Saturday night mate - just one of those pre-arranged things I guess.

Nice piccies mate - especially the kids, looks like they enjoyed the big tree.

Come back soon mate - with a little more notice 'ey?


I like the Blog on the Poacher.

Look forward to seeing you in there one day soon mate.

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