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Erewash Sound Is applying for a licence to broadcast...

October 10th 2007: Erewash Sound will be able to apply to the broadcast regulator - OFCOM - for a full-time community radio licence from this date, and is required to have submitted an application by Tuesday 15th January 2008. After this time, OFCOM will begin adjudicating on our application and will make and advise of their decision as to whether to award a licence to Erewash Sound.

Then what? Once successful in securing a licence, the necessary processes will be implemented to begin putting the radio station on-air, including applying for funding, and pulling in other resources necessary. In the event of the award of a licence to Erewash Sound, the team would work to put the station on-air as soon as possible, and this is when a licence would start.

Erewash Sound is continuing to prepare for the opportunity to apply for a licence to provide a radio station just for Erewash - significantly underserved by existing broadcasters - "squeezed out" between the two major neighbouring cities. You can play your part in helping to get Erewash Sound on the air - full time. Find out how you can 'BACK THE BID' by selecting 'Get Involved' from the website menu, or select 'Contact Us' to get in touch.


Show your support for Erewash Sound by putting a sticker in your vehicle. There's a STICKERPOINT near you!

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