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Crankpig 85#

thanks for that, I lived in Kirks buildings but I don't recall lil page it was such a lon time ago I lived there from 1941 to about 1952 A few names come to mind Daykin, Ludlow, Night, Kings, forman, Newton lived next door Thorley the other side.

Dunlevy owned our cottage.

I lived in Kirks Cottages from 1980-87, my dad did quite a bit of renovation to no8 including a loft extension, conservatory and landscaping the garden (we were end of the first terrace and had strip of land to the side of us). I also remember the Kings, they lived at no2 I think, they had a pair of lovely golden retrievers and I went to school with their grandkids (who I think lived just up the road on Palmer Crescent)

At the time there was a young couple living in 4 & 6, we never saw hide nor hair of those in 10 or above. My old man knew Geoff at no3 quite well but no1 were a bit aloof from what I remember.

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There was a head master at Cavo called Joe Smith . He retired the year it became Comprehensive (72ish) and was succeeded by Micheal Hutchinson. Joe Smith (the butcher) lives just up the road from my

This is Carlton Square as I first remember it

Just to put the record straight about Pownell's escaped bear.


They had gone off on holiday and the person who was supposed to look after and feed the bear failed, the bear crazy with hunger escaped. The police initially went to the Sherwood Rangers to ask for a man with a 7.62 SLR not a .303, the army refused as the rifle was to powerful to be discharged in a built up area.


They recommended Sgt Derrick Baines as he shot at the Notts & Derby Vintage Arms society the gun of choice was a double barrelled 12 bore loaded with solid slug,now comes the funny bit as told by Derrick himself.


Derrick was taken by police car to the area where the police were keeping an eye on it from a safe distance, they took Derrick closer to where the bear was scuffling about on all fours and ordered him to shoot it which at first he did not, 'looked like something out of a Kellogg's box' was his description. Remember this was in the dark, then it stood up on its back legs and roared, this thing was over 7ft tall, the two coppers cleared a 6ft wall and Derrick nearly crapped himself.  He aimed and fired and the bear went down, the police returned and he walked over with them, as they got close the bear moved and made a loud grunting noise, more panic with the police yelling 'shoot it, shoot it' so Derrick gave it another barrel.


On closer examination when the area was lit it turned out the movement and noise were just death throws the first round had entered on the snout and gone straight through the brain killing it instantly. Derrick returned home, bathed and put on clean underwear and he had a great tale to tell in the mess, had many a free pint on that one.


I was at that time good mates with Derrick, a member of the Sgt's mess with him and I too shot at NADVAS.

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As I mentioned in an earlier post,as a kid our family lived in a big old house near the Nags head pub( now gone and some flats built there)

 At the back of the four old houses was a path which ran past all the houses,then there was a sloped Tarmac area which we all called 'the bank' at the bottom left hand side was a large iron pole with about half of it rotted or broken off,we called it the 'stink pole'....and it did stink,never known what it was for,anyone know ?

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On 1/22/2016 at 2:17 AM, djhibbert said:

I think Billy Hibbert is my Dad's (96 years old) Uncle Bill. Also, I think my great-grandfather Joseph Hibbert, a coalminer, was living with his wife Mary Perry, next door to her father Joseph Perry in Kirks Buildings in 1881. A few generations of Hibberts lived in this part of Carlton, but not me. I'd be pleased if anybody could shed any light on our history and my Dad still has a few interesting stories to tell about his childhood there.


Billy Hibbert was my uncle he had four brothers. percy, hector, george who was my father and then harry.

Billy lived with his mother ( my grandmother) Bertha .on carlton hill.

Please contact me if you would like further information.

Simon H

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djhibbert who made that original post, hasn't logged in since January 2016, so you may not get a response.  


But as you seem to have family connections, you could try sending  him a PM (Personal Message) via Nottstalgia, which might catch his attention.

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