Did You Live In Radford?

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Fetching water, Chapel St ca: 1950 Leonards

Ingoldmells, Some sort bomb shelter in the background. Me pushing the pram lol

Chapel St Leonards ca: 1950

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I lived on Farady Road about halfway between Mial Street and The Whitehorse Pub. I remember Michael and Jacqui Glover, Gary Woodhouse, and Elaine and Cheryl Gore who lived at the shop at 80(?) Mial Street.

Anyone know of these people?.

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On 3/3/2017 at 3:27 PM, OLDIE said:

Just got to this page. Great stuff!. I lived on Gadd St, off Southey St. for 1949 to 1956. We lived next door to the pub called the Forest Inn. As kids we played on the cellar doors until we got cleared off. There were two shops on the street, but only went in for toffess ( not often, as they were still rationed at the time. My mam worked at John Beales, and part time at a pub near the top of Hyson Green. I went to Windley school until I was 11, then we left to ilve in Forest Fields. Still spent a lot of time on the Green, going to the Leno's, and the other two cinemas. One , I think was the Boulevard, the other the Grand. Went to the Boys Club till I left school. Later in life I worked at F.L.Bastows, later Marathon. Now student accomodation. Got off the bus opposite the Alma, and walked down Hartley Rd to work. The Boulevard was the pub of choice, as were the Nottingham Arms on St Peters St. Worked there till the mid-nineties. Anyone remember Mr Mitchell's shop on Radford Boulevard? A favourite for linen, and all sorts. By coincidence, I went that way to buy  a new car tyre. A lot is as I remember it. What a busy road was the boulevard. Raleigh at one end, us in the middle, and Players next door. If I remember correctly, the finishing times of all three were staggered to ease public transport. Mind you, so many people at Raleigh had a bike! Never forget watching Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, seeing all the places I knew. Good old Radford Thanks for the memories.

I had a bit part as an extra in that film. All I had to do was follow Albert Finney out of the bike shed in the opening shots. Got paid more for twenty minutes than a weeks work in Raleigh. B.

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From my Sunday night stroll home, my uncle Sid’s local, “The Sir Garnet Wolseley” Shippo’s house stood on this corner, now not sure what it is? 


(Shocking quote one up, should be ashamed of yourself) 





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I had relatives living in nearby Garden Street from the 1920s until 1965 when the entire area was redeveloped.


Life was pretty basic. No indoor bathroom, toilet. No fitted carpets. No double glazing. No central heating. Coal fires, etc. However, there was a great sense of community: everyone knew everyone else...and their business!

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14 hours ago, Nigel Pearce said:

Hi Were any of you living in Norton St in 1920 or more likely a relative that told you of life there


There's a large thread already here about Garden Street which was next to and parallel to Norton Street.  https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/10134-garden-street-area/?



As Jill and Beekay (and I) have mentioned, we all had a connection with Garden Street, and it's almost the same thing.

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