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Well sad to say Steed , of your choices only one (The Bell) is still there !!

It was the Queen Elizabeth (Q E) up Bottle Lane.

sad really. My aunty use to own the Tavern in Town Upper parliament st up until about 1996? I always remember being in there when it was the first day of "all day opening hours"....when was that? I was with a guy from Leicester during my college days at trent Polytechnic as it was then. Central TV were in the pub & caught yours truly & the lad from Leicester still boozing at about 4.30pm. As it was also on Central news at 6pm my boss saw it!! Didn't get the sack but never lived it down either !!!

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Well it's still there I guess but not as we know it, Red. In fact it's pretty terrible now, (and has been for a long time). I did my apprenticeship in that place in the seventies, it was practically

No - that's Rodney.

basfordred, you state that you finished up at the Spread Eagle pub (#72). I'll bet that you were spreadeagled by the time you'd done that

Had my first legal drink in the TiTT, a half of bitter during my lunch break on my 18th birthday.

Tasted awful - especially compared to the many decent pints of Home Ales I'd consumed in the previous five years!

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In chronological order.

Black Boy. Guildhall Tavern. Spread Eagle, Bell Inn. Yates' ....... Marriage!

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