Virgin Record shop at 7 King St

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Re: the two photos in that piece. Are they showing the Virgin shop in Queen Street ? Maybe my memory's slowing down, but I went in there hundreds of times and I don't remember the shop-front looking like either of those photos.

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What a load of bollocks, the pictures wrong plus it was not even on Queens Street! , its King street, load of bollocks.

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Next time I'm in Nottingham, must look up more, that is a nice looking building.

It's one of Mr Fothergill's.

I thought it was on Market Street, or am I thinking of Selectadisc when it moved

Yes, Selectadisc was on Market St.

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Regarding Virgin Records on King Street, did it open as Virgin or did it have a previous name?

 I remember queuing there for Led Zeppelin Knebworth tickets and getting used promo stuff and record sleeves every night before catching bus home from college.

Thanks for your help in anticipation x

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Welcome Nick H.     According to a previous post from 11 years ago (!) it was this.........


On 6/25/2009 at 9:46 AM, RockitRon said:

As I recall the shop was Revolver Records, before being taken over by Virgin.


I was a serious record buyer in those days but I don't remember it as a Revolver - but that's not to say it wasn't.

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Nick, I was at the Knebworth gig, did you go?


Snap Cliffton, I have no recollection of this kings St shop at all.

I'm sure there was a Revolver Records very near to the entrance of Broad Marsh, roughly facing woolies (Tacky cheap green carriers, at the time Selectadisc still using the 'lush' plastic)  ;)


The plot thickens, I remember Way Ahead on Hurts Yard having loads of Zeppelin merchandise for the European Tour, posters, badges unavailable in other shops.

.left wondering if I my memory's merged Kings St with Hurts Yard!


Was Way Ahead open in early 1980?







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I remember Revolver near the Broad Marsh entrance, and i think there may have been another but can't remember where.


Way Ahead were in Hurt's Yard by 1978-79 (or earlier). Their place on St James Street existed by the early 90s, but I don't know if Hurt's Yard continued as well.


There's a massive thread about record shops if you have the inclination to go through it.


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Thanks Cliffton, that fit's with my recollection.

99  percent sure hurt's yard, Way Ahead closed when St James St opened.


Hurt's Yard, had an upstairs, you could go upstairs to crash...

Picked up Dawn Traders 'No one Gonna Better Me' front counter bargain bin, also first Diamond Head single on thier own label.


Have Many fond memories of Dawn Trader at the Hearty, the windows did rattle, great band..!!!




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Dawn Trader are still going. I used to work with the lead singer, Mick Preston. Last saw him a couple of years ago when DT played Arnold Carnival.


As well, Ian, one of the founders of Way Ahead also used to work with us at BT. At the beginning, he was running WA in his spare time until it really took off.

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