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Server move

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We heard from our web hosts, that due to server work we may have lost some recent posts.

Rerstoring Back up is risky and long winded. so this will not be done for a few recent posts.

Please repost any that have not appeared.

Thank You


During the next 24 hours, we will be processing a major IP and server change. That being said, in the past 24 hours, we have been working around the clock to move everyone’s account.

We are having issues with the current server, which is why we are switching servers and IP’s (incase anyone was thinking of replying and asking why the change is happening)

The only problem that is foreseen is that since we have been moving people in the past 24 hours, your website on the new server may reflect a previous version of up to 24 hours ago. Therefore, if you made any changes to your site in the past 24 hours, please check and see if it is reflected on the copy of your account on the new server (information below)

We will be updating the DNS servers IP addresses in the next 6 hours, so your website will be switching over to the new server and IP within 24 hours after we update the DNS. THERE IS NO ACTION REQUIRED ON YOUR END AS FAR AS UPDATING DNS SERVERS AS WE ARE UPDATING THE DNS SERVERS IP ADDRESSES DIRECTLY, SO THEY WILL REMAIN NS1.ELITEHOSTDNS.COM and NS2.ELITEHOSTDNS.COM. AGAIN, NO CHANGE NEEDED ON YOUR END.

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