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I was there from 1957 until1961

i was in mr Braziers then Pop Stanley, Mr Turner And finally Mr Winter.

actually I enjoyed my time there and went to camps in Rufford, Wolferton and somewhere else.

also went to Bruges and several other trips.

i remember the school dinners were good and the shop across from the gates sold penny rolls.

Mr Marshes secretary was quite sexy and Mr Winters was always sniffing around her.

pop Stanley was always sniffing around as well, one very wired fella.

the teachers were firm but fair and the school ran well and the teaching was good

happy days

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Hi Graham.

Glad to see you posting on this topic.  Hope you enjoy Nottstalgia it's a great site.

You were one year behind me, but in the same classes as me.  I've posted quite a bit about the school on here so I won't repeat myself.  I doubt most of those teachers would still be alive now.  If they are they will certainly be a bit long in the tooth by now.

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