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2 hours ago, denshaw said:

Black Jacks or Fruit salads, 4 for an old penny. That's 960 for a quid.

IIRC back in the 50s I was given a shilling by an uncle when he visited and I spent it all on 48 Black Jacks.

This PC nonsense does my head in and a dare say quite a few black people think it's gone too far too.

Wasn't there a dance in the 20s called the Black Bottom? Perhaps the creator should have called it the white arse.

Back to Black Jacks. The packaging was redesigned a few years back to remove the golliwog images. Am I even allowed to say that these days?

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I just put Rossems Troost in the translator, it came back as Big Maud.

Used to go to a place in Norwich in the 70s called ''Samson and Hercules'' Wednesday nights  ''Grab a Granny'' they had a proper band that specialised in the 20s music,,and the ladies came dressed for

There was, indeed, a 1920s dance called the Black Bottom, along with the Charleston, Mess.  I have done both in my time!


As for golliwogs,they were my mother's favourite as a child.  For her 80th birthday, a friend bought her one from a shop in Whitby. He was lovely and she cherished him. All quite innocent, until someone with nothing better to do has to stir up bad feeling where none existed previously.


Now, where's that stash of Uncle Ben's Rice I bought the other day?  Might black lead the multifuel stove this afternoon with the old Zebo! 

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Slightly off topic but I loved Al Jolson. My mum took me to see Larry Parks in The Jolson story when I were a kid.
She also told me she saw Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer  at The Apollo on Berridge Road. I think it was the first “Talkie”. Wiki says it was released in 1927 so she was 9.


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She may have been there at the same time as my grandparents, Mess. They saw that film at The Apollo.


According to my mum, her parents went to that cinema once a week in the evening.  They walked from their house on Bobbers Mill Road.


One evening, when my mum was around 10 years old, her parents had gone for their weekly cinema treat, leaving mum in the house on her own.  Bored and at a loose end, she decided to smoke one of her father's cigars.


Having pinched one from the box, lit it and had a couple of puffs, mum heard the unmistakable sound of a key being inserted into the front door. Her parents had been unable to get a seat as the queue for the film was very long, so they had walked back home again.


Mum panicked,stuck the lighted cigar in an empty tin and stuffed it in the airing cupboard where it smouldered away, smelling rather evil.


Of course, my grandmother detected the smell immediately. It took her rather longer to locate the source but when she did it meant a good hiding for mum who was sent straight to bed with no supper!

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Phil and Beekay do you remember the Cavaliers and Roundheads we used to joke about in the boy's changing rooms at school? Sorry Jill someone else will need to explain if you’re confused.

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2 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

If I could play the ukulele, I might do just that!  Might have to be the Black Bottom instead. Where's me 1920s Charleston dress and long beads? Fancy a dance, Ben?


Fancy a dance? sure do Dorothy,,,got me dancing shoes on ,Dicky and black suit...Tapping me stick,,,''Roaring 20's''love ya dress,,go with it,the black bottom...Jilly Provine no less''

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